Looking for advice to work remotely as a survey drafter.

Hi all.

I am a registered surveyor in Australia and I am hoping to get some feedback from some of my colleagues across the globe in the LSU network.

In a few years time, my wife and I are looking to spend a few years travelling and seeing the world on a working holiday. I am hoping to bring an income in from freelancing as a survey drafter. Anything from detail surveys being tidied up for presentation, cut/fill calcs, registered plan production, misclose calcs/plan checking on existing plans etc. Pretty much anything that needs drafting or calcing for the survey industry that can be done from a laptop and an internet connection anywhere in the world.

As a sub-contractor, likely working in SE Asia, the rates would be a little lower than the US, Europe and my home country.

- Can ya'll confirm if this is something you'd ever be interested in? - What software packages would be required in order for this to work from your end. OR, would perhaps would your software package have a network license that you'd offer to someone in my position whilst working on your projects?

- If I could offer a good service and reasonable turnaround, would you be interested in training someone remote up for location specific work (Obviously there's many different ways to do most of the above, so I'd need to work closely with someone to ensure what was offered meets your local needs.

- Would paying over Paypal be suitable for this purpose? If not Paypal, then how?

This is a 2-3 year project for us, so I am just looking for feedback at this stage, I am not trying to sell my services. Feel free to message me personally, or just reply here.

Any feedback is welcome. Thanks in advance.

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